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Why Music?

When parents or students are looking for extra-curricular activities, particularly ones that will be advantageous in college applications, they are often overwhelmed with a plethora of options. There are sports teams, extended learning programs, and community service options, all of which have obvious benefits to the student and the community. The advantages of an extensive music education and a high level of competency on an instrument are sometimes less clear to a non-musician, but are nonetheless powerful and pervade all aspects of the student's life. The problem solving skills and the level of commitment required to learn an instrument are extensive and impressive. To play an instrument well is to understand how to deal with and improve upon your flaws and weaknesses. It requires a level of a level of confidence and self-sufficancy that is rarely asked of students in other subjects and colleges know this. In fields as varied as medicine, engineering, and philosophy, musicians are valued for the skills they have learned over years of study and hard work, something that non-musicians cannot make up for in a single summer internship or activity. ISMA Rochester has specifically designed a certificate program for high school students who wish to attend college but do not intend to pursue music professionally. This program instills all the prized skills that musicians carry and comes with a guaranteed letter of recommendation for college applications upon successful completion. 

Languages too!

Language Classes available for the community

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Saturdays mornings:
Chinese language taught in both traditional and simplified methods

Translation Services also available


ISMA Rochester was founded between April and August of 2012. As of August 2013, ISMA Rochester has been incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in New York State.

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